Vision testing at the speed of business

Wearable patient engagement and diagnostic system.

Multimodal diagnostics meets practice management and patient engagement.

The value-add solution that tests, educates and manages patient flow.


A major leap in wearable XR headsets. At just six ounces, it’s the lightest, most comfortable, fashion-forward device exclusively designed, manufactured, and offered by Radius XR.


A portable vision diagnostic and patient engagement system combines medical-grade diagnostics, business management, and patient education tools in a proprietary, stylish, wearable XR headset.


An immersive promotional and educational media library is tailored to each patient and configured by each practice to automatically display unique content at an appropriate time during the exam experience.

Radius comes pre-loaded with EyeVia, an ever-growing library of educational videos about eye conditions and treatments, featuring prominent surgeons and doctors.

“We need to make our practices more efficient, do high-quality testing, and better utilize our staff and space.”
Brian Wexler, MD