The experience

Engaging for patients, a dream for staff

Radius XR is simple, efficient, and engaging for patients

Today’s “head in a fishbowl” experience is arcane, uncomfortable and tedious.
~ Dr. B
With Radius XR, your patients sit comfortably during each exam as they learn and grow more engaged with your practice.
“My exam experience was unlike any I’ve had before. It was comfortable and extremely informative”
Susan, glaucoma patient

Remote Monitoring Dashboard keeps clinicians connected.

Radius XR works anywhere there is Wi-Fi, so vision care is never disrupted. Not by mobility issues. Not by global pandemics and crowded metropolitan areas.

Eyecare teams who have tried Radius XR love it.

The Radius XR headset, software and content were designed with your staff in mind. Using the solution is easier, more efficient and less stressful for already overburdened eyecare teams.
“The shift to Radius XR has made engaging with patients much smoother and far less rushed.”
L. Kemp, Eye Technician